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10 Tips For Starting Your Own Business

  1. Work In A Small Company That You Like
    Since we are young and inexperience, working in a small company that you like is the fastest way that you can learn about how to build the values and culture of the company. It gives you a safety net that you can try and learn without using your own money in the pocket. Usually most of the successful entrepreneurs worked in a few companies before.
  2. Start From Small
    A lot of big project are started from a side project. For example Gmail was actually developed by the engineers during their 20% free time. Starting a side project during school is a great idea because students get the time and talent pool. And everybody in school doesn’t mind doing it just for fun instead of making money.
  3. Follow Your Heart
    Your passion would be the fuel for your long journey. Work on something that you are interested in. And it’s just like meeting your loved one. You will know it when you found it. If you hesitate and are not sure about it, that means no, you haven’t found it yet.
  4. Look For People With Same Values and Passion
    Any great business are built by a team of people. You should be looking at people that believe in what you believe so that you spend your time working together towards the goal instead of wasting all the time arguing about the belief. But bare in mind that you also have to reinforce the values and belief from time to time.
  5. Look For Mentors and Advisors
    Mentors and advisors are someone that you definitely would like to have before and after your have your own business. They experienced what you are experiencing and could give you a shortcut about where to go and all the “know-hows”. It will save you a lot of time and effort.
  6. Keep Learning From People
    Not a lot of entrepreneurs had MBA background, or even worse they don’t have any management experience. But a good news is that you can learn from others. Books, videos, mentors, advisors and other entrepreneurs are the great resources that you should connect to in order to learn and grow. Spend some time having coffee and keep connected to them so that  you can help each other during the hard time and share the happy time.
  7. Make Things Clear
    From day one, set all the rules, share structure and all the details that are related to benefits and money. Those are one of the main cause of argument in the future. Make agreement and put it black and white on the paper up front so that everyone has a mutual understanding on those topics without ambiguous.
  8. Set Vision and Goals
    A team is always lead by vision and goals. Make sure everybody really know the vision(at least when you ask them, everybody is saying the same thing). And measurable goals will lead the team direction and great for evaluation of the process and learning. Make sure that everybody involves in the discussion and get aligned and it create a sense of ownership for everybody.
  9. Train Your Discipline Muscle
    The day you start your business is the day you no longer have a boss. And you are the supervisor for yourself. You need discipline to keep yourself and your team moving forward. And your discipline is just like your muscle. Train it and it will become stronger.
  10. Focusing On Solving Problem Instead Of Building A Company
    People may feel cool about building a company. But eventually, you are trying to solve a problem. In research, the biggest reason why a company fail is because they build something that no customer wants. Focus on solving problems and it will prevent you from failing to the biggest hole of dying.

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